About the Artist & Founder: Andrea Downs

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Andrea Downs is a visual artist, community arts organizer, and educator that was based in Charlotte, North Carolina for 12 years, but recently moved to Baltimore, Maryland in June of 2021. Through her work, Andrea strives to foster collaboration and connection through the building of community connections and an open invitation for a diverse community dialogue. At the center of her work is the value of relationships, connectivity, identity, and open engagement to build stronger communities.

Her most important work, in partnership with her husband, is raising her two children to stand for equality and justice.

In February 2018, Andrea began inviting people to participate in Airing Out the “Dirty” Laundry. This ongoing community art movement responds to the silencing of women*, creating opportunities for all women to share experiences through visual storytelling. These stories express strength, hope, unity, and resistance of oppression, injustice, and exclusion. The initiative serves as a catalyst for women’s voices, a call to gather together to listen and to be heard, and an opportunity to foster love and understanding that resists hate and injustice.

*Airing Out the “Dirty” Laundry holds space for all women across the intersections of race, age, color, disability, faith, religion, ancestry, national origin, citizenship, social class, economic class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

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