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Angel's Story

“When I went to Laundry Day I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I deal with major anxiety so just getting through the door was a huge task for me. When I got there a huge relief washed over me it was like being at my grandmother's house.

There were biscuits on top of the stove and as time went by I really enjoyed listening to all of the women share and talk about their lives.

I knew the story that I wanted to tell as soon as I met Andrea. It took about a year for me to be brave enough to share my story because there are not a lot of people who know my story. I knew that I wanted my piece to tell the story of the younger me and how it affected the adult that I am now. It was great to have the chatter of other women in the background as I processed a very difficult time of my life.

I was not expecting to feel so empowered after finishing my piece. I now want to share my story and look into the eyes of young girls and women and tell them that we do survive. After seeing my piece in social media and reading the comments I realized that life does get better. There will still be days that I cry but I am strong and so are so many other women.

I would tell anyone who is looking to participate in a Laundry Day to simply be true to yourself and trust the process.”

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