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Camerin's Story

White Laundry is a collaboration between dancer Camerin Watson of TAPROOT CLT, visual artist Andrea Downs, and videographer Kevin Patterson. The work explores white privilege and serves as a call for white people to embody anti-racist action. 

Camerin's work was captured at Charlotte's Mint Museum Uptown location where an installation of Airing Out the "Dirty" Laundry is currently joined together on laundry clotheslines (though the museum remains closed due to the ongoing pandemic). This is the first time that the entire collection of more than 400 women's stories have been joined together in one space.

This performance premiered at Asheville's Fringe Digital Summer Volume 2 event on Wednesday July 22nd on Zoom. Camerin, Andrea, and Kevin are each involved in Charlotte's annual BOOM festival. Camerin is the festival's Artistic Director, Andrea presented her work in three of annual festivals and Kevin has participated in BOOM in many capacities over the years as a performer, videographer, photo/video manager and volunteer. 


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