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Emily's Story

Emily from Episode 7 of Sarah Delia’s WFAE Podcast SHE SAYS...Listen to her story.

“Remember when Post Secret first came out? The book? I do. It blew me away. I never sent anything in. It was just a neat read.

Participating in Laundry Day, however, immediately had an appeal.

Something about how local it felt. Something about the idea of putting the stories on real clothes. It made everything feel all that more tangible.

Because Laundry Day is specifically about women, it felt like it was finally the right time to explore something I've been wrestling with, but can't say aloud: Being a feminist but not believing in 'sisterhood.' I was burned too many times. I can't say that to other feminists. It felt great to put it out there on Laundry Day, though. I went to Goodwill specifically for the skirt.

I wanted something fresh and modern and distinctly female and cheerleader-y, to represent what I'd once thought sisterhood meant. It's OK though. It's much better for me to navigate the world believing good people are in this together, and that those people may or may not be women.”

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