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Eva's Story

“As I planned my materials for "laundry day" I found this beautiful tree fabric. My idea germinated and came to fruition at Andrea's home which was filled with creative, energetic and engaging women of Charlotte. I must say that being task driven I wanted to create me piece in one sitting, but I also wanted to hear everyone's stories. As I painted and stitched and chatted I heard about instances of pain, lifelong struggles of abuse, ideas to educate, and examples of strength. Based on my found trees, I knew I wanted my laundry to pay tribute to two amazing women in my family who impact me daily.

My mother is the epitome of love and self-sacrifice. She is my roots and has demonstrated to me what a joyful life looks like. My beautiful spunky daughter has a heart for others and the gift of healing. I have watched her grow from a shy child to a bold culture changer. Her spreading foliage offers shelter to those in need and rustles loudly against the winds of injustice. She is my hero.

Attending laundry day connected me with women I may never have met. I appreciated the opportunity to take the afternoon to craft a statement of appreciation for my bookends, my mom and daughter, and to celebrate the qualities of amazing women who make me proud to be one.”

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