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As women*, we are constantly receiving messages. 
Some of these messages are intended to stereotype, degrade, judge, shame, discredit, and humiliate us. Others leave us feeling empowered, heard, seen, and valued. Typically, these hurtful and hopeful messages come from people that are a part of the systems, institutions, and places in which we live and work.
Sometimes, we hear these messages and internalize them.
What if we could send a message back?
When we share experiences we name and confront them, let them breathe, and then create the possibility to let them go or even transform them into something beautiful and powerful.
Let’s join our voices together and shift the narrative.
Click here to participate by completing the form.
*The invitation to participate is for ALL women, femmes, as well as non binary people who are comfortable in a space that centers the experiences of women.


Message Received Details: 
  • Participation in MESSAGE RECEIVED is anonymous. 
  • You will receive a photo of your message once it’s “RECEIVED,” HEARD, typed, and joined together on the laundry clothesline. 
  • A photo of your MESSAGE will also be shared on Instagram @womenslaundry and Facebook @WeBelieveInEquality.
  • Share your message and consider more advanced participation by also creating a piece of audio or visual storytelling of this or a different experience. 
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