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Bunny's Story

“My first laundry day was AMAZING! Fellowshipping and hearing with/from all the women from different walks and social standing in life was enlightening!

It's always good to to get to know one another on levels that allow you to recognize that as different as we are we are all the same! It doesn't matter how much money you have, or your skin color, or how big your house is, we all live through the same s***!

My decision as to subject matter was quick and I'm generally very tedious about materials I choose so the first laundry day I did not create a complete piece but I had a definite subject matter in mind for my first piece.

My second piece was extremely personal! I always had it in mind for this project, but needed to start off a little less personal...get my feet wet so to speak! As far as materials and execution, I am an artist so I was very comfortable with execution.

But the women who were not artists seemed very comfortable and the atmosphere was such that it was easy to ask for help! I never thought I would say this but I love laundry day!“

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